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PC maintenance is an important topic for anyone who owns a PC.


Looking after your PC properly can ensure it gives you trouble-free use and regular PC maintenance also keeps the machine's performance optimal.


In this section I guide you through some of the more important maintenance tasks.


Good PC maintenance involves a number of different jobs, from keeping your keyboard and mouse clean, to cleaning up your hard drive by removing temporary files.


The frequency of the maintenance will depend on how often the computer is used. Basic maintenance, such as wiping over the keyboard and the screen should be done as often as possible, at least once a week for computers that are used daily.            


Below are the sections in my PC maintenance guide:


·         Back up - A quick guide to backing up

·         Cleaning your Mouse - How to clean your mouse

·         Cleaning your Keyboard - How to clean a keyboard

·         Cleaning your Monitor - How to clean an LCD or CRT Screen

·         Hard Drive Maintenance - Defrag utility in Win 98/ME/XP

·         Surge Protection - A guide to Surge suppressors

·         Anti-virus software - An overview

·         Deleting temporary files



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