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Is your computer running slow?


Is your computer sluggish, running slow, have pop ups or having problems getting online? There is a good chance your computer has been infected. Contact us today to get your computer back in top shape. Unlike most companies, we don't wipe your system, deleting all your files and photos. Instead, our technicians take the time to actually fix the problem and remove the virus or spyware completely.


I will fully service your computer. This includes Anti-Virus protection, Spy-Ware removal Mal-Ware removal, All Windows Updates, general file system & hard drive clean up, defragging and registry clean up.


While your computer is being serviced why not have a computer hardware cleanup too. Computer Hardware Cleanup.


Too busy to bring your computer in to us, why not have us pick it up from your home or business. Computer Collection & Delivery Service .



Key Tasks Performed          


Anti-Virus Protection


Windows SP2


Spy-Ware Tools


HDD Defragging


Mal-Ware Tools


Registry Clean Up


Windows Updates


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