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System Cleanup, System Inspection and Tune-up:

                  After months of use or abuse, your computer has probably become sluggish, files are becoming cluttered, and your hard drive is no longer optimally accessing the data stored on it. With a quick look, and a professional eye, you can get back the system responsiveness that you have lost. I'm not about to give away trade secrets, but here is what should be typically done every 6 months to ensure useability and security of your PC.


  • Disk Cleanup

  • Remove temporary files and folders

  • Remove any lingering files, (0 size files)

  • Remove folders from system not containing information

  • Delete old system recovery folders

  • Cleanup windows download temp directory

  • Check printer temp files

  • Run file system check and hard disk surface scan, run manufacturers optimization utility

  • Defrag hard drive to ensure overall responsiveness

  • Perform windows start-up speed boost (system operational in 30 secs from boot)

  • Optimize the window swap file for optimum performance

  • Optimize and ensure network protocals are correct

  • Ensure browser internet security, add-on and speed are good

  • Optimize your pc for best performance, appearance, and stability

  • Ensure any critical updates, security patches have been done

  • Check virus software is up to date, and scans are scheduled

  • Check hardware drivers, dll's and update as needed

  • Overal System check, over view

  • CPU/Video and case fans are running well and free of debris

  • Power supply fan is running well, ensure cool temperature

  • Memory check, passes tests

  • CPU check and temperature is acceptable

  • Motherboard passes visual inspection – leaking capacitors?

  • System backup has been performed in the last 6 months

  • Event viewer, go over log files, ensure no system abnormalities





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