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Virus Removal Guide

I know there is lots of guides and different opinions out there, this one works.

This guide has been prepared using information freely available on the internet and has links to free tools to help you removed Virus, Spyware and other forms of Malware.

If you think you have a Virus or Trojan then do the following:

Before you start

Download and install Mozilla Firefox. Do this so that when you are downloading the programs below, you do not arouse the malware to what you are doing!

Also go through your all programs list click Start then click on Control Panel then double click Add or Remove programs) or (click Start then click on Control Panel then double click Programs and Features in Vista) and remove anything that you have not installed, and anything that looks suspicious and is not published by a well known company. You can find out the publisher by clicking the "Click here for support information" link when the program is selected.

How to Boot into Safe Mode

You will be asked to boot into safe mode later on.

Do this by repeatedly tapping F8 when your computer is starting up until you see a screen with text on it showing different boot options, choose Safe Mode.

Disable System Restore

Disable System Restore – go into Control Panel>System>System Restore tab>Disable System Restore on all drives>OK.  When you are sure that virus problem is gone and your PC is working OK then you can turn System Restore on.

Run CCleaner

CCleaner will virus scans run faster. Download CCleaner from On installation, deselect all options except "Add Desktop Shortcut" and "Add Start Menu Shortcuts". Open CCleaner and click "Run Cleaner".

Install MalwareBytes Anti Malware and clean your HOSTS file

Download Malwarebytes Anti Malware Install it. After installing it, open it and click the "More Tools" tab. Under "FileASSASIN" click Run Tool. In the Window that pops up, navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drives\etc and double click on "hosts". Restart your computer, Update Malwarebytes, then restart your computer in safe mode. Open Malwarebytes and then run a full scan of all your local drives.

Run a scan with your Antivirus program

Run a full scan with your antivirus program and remove any threats found by quarantining them, DO NOT REPAIR OR HEAL OR DELETE. The removal of your current Antivirus program will safely remove the infected files, see the next step.

Remove your current Antivirus program

Remove your current Antivirus tool by going into Control Panel>Add or remove programs or (Control Panel>Programs and Features in vista). If it is Norton’s, you will need to use the Norton Removal Tool

Install Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic

Install Avira AntiVir Personal. Once AntiVir is installed, update it and then reboot into Safe Mode by repeatedly tapping the F8 button when your computer is restarting. Run a full scan by opening My Computer, then right clicking your hard drive and selecting "Scan With AntiVir". Do this for all hard drives listed in my computer.

Install SuperAntiSpyware

Install SuperAntiSpyware, update it, then run a full scan.

Run Avast! antirootkit tool

Download avast! antirootkit
Be sure to close all programs when running this tool. It is not compatible with 64bit systems.

Disable any untrusted Internet Explorer add-ons

Chances are that after cleaning your system, there will still be some adware add-ons loaded into Internet Explorer. Go to Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Programs>Manage Add-ons. Disable any that you haven't installed – Some trustworthy authors are:

Microsoft Corporation
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Google Inc

If you do all these scans and your system is not clean, then you really need to backup your personal files and reformat and reinstall Windows. Install this program MalwareBytes Anti Malware Pro to help prevent future infections by using real time protection. This will save you money and time.



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