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Deleting temporary files - How to delete temporary files from your computer


Welcome to our guide to deleting temporary files.

Deleting the temporary files from your computer can help keep it running smoothly as well, as speeding your computer up.


Temporary files are created on your PC for numerous reasons, including when you browse the internet, install programs, and by the operating system itself during normal use.


In this tutorial we show you how to use the Disk Cleanup utility, which comes as part of the Windows 98/Millennium and XP/2000 versions of the Windows operating system, to remove the files.        


To open the Disk Cleanup utility:


·         Click on the START

·         Then either PROGRAMS (WIN 98/2000/Millennium) or ALL PROGRAMS (WINDOWS XP)

·         Then hover over ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS and then click on DISK CLEANUP


(NON-XP users may be prompted to select the drive that you wish to cleanup. In most cases it will be the C: drive that you need to select)


Tick the boxes of all the different types of temporary files that you would like to cleanup. In most cases you would tick all of the boxes, you can view the associated files by clicking the VIEW FILES button..


When you have finished with your selections, click the OK button.


You will then see a dialogue box similar to that shown below:

Once the dialogue box has closed, your temporary files have been removed.



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